Simon & Mariana interview Saskia Van Gendt of Method Home

Mariana and Simon interviewed Saskia, head "greenskeeper" at Method, as part of the Bard MBA Sustainable Business Friday series. We learned about Method's wildly sustainable manufacturing plant in Chicago, affectionately called the South Side Soap Box. Here's an excerpt from the conversation...

Bard MBA: It is unusual for a cleaning company, especially of your size, to do its own manufacturing. What were the benefits for Method to move away from contract manufacturing and build your own facility?

Van GendtWe did have some amazing contract partners, but we have found that the main advantages of owning our facility is the flexibility that it brings. The inherent condition of contract manufacturing is that your product is being made right alongside your competitors’. We have a lot of unusual packaging formats, product formulations and different innovations that we want to bring to the category. Now we have more control and can be more nimble in those innovations.


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