Martin & Mariana interview Catherine Sheehy of UL Environment

We interviewed Catherine Sheehy, program manager for UL Environment's advisory services, as part of the Bard MBA Sustainable Business Friday series. Our interview was featured in GreenBiz in December. Here's an excerpt... 

Bard MBA: There are so many environmental claims on the market, of varying legitimacy. UL is offering a far more rigorous approach for your clients. What is the conversation like with a big brand about a UL engagement on claims, standards and sustainability?

Sheehy: A conversation around eco-labels is often around marketing tools: They are great ways to short-cut thinking about very complex sustainability issues. Sometimes the conversation is around risk. A product might claim that it’s "green," but any uncertainty about that claim can undermine the whole market. Companies want to avoid those situations.

LINK: Check out the article on GreenBiz